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What we provide to our partners

brew a cinema

One step away

turnkey theatre space development

Quick theatre setup turnarounds (60-90days)

Lower setup cost compared to single screens and multiplexes

Use of environment friendly materials adhering to National Building Code

Economic feasibility of locations for theatre setup and daily operations

cutting-edge technology solutions

State of the art screening & theatre managemant solutions

Proprietory eTicketing and box office solutions

Secure digital distribution service

Transparent internet based accounting and reporting


Theatre operations expertise

Expertise in licensing and regulating liasion

Centralised tie-ups with film distributors and producers

Lean operating and maintenance expertise

Preferred supplier agreements with infra and tech service providers

Our projects

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y screens

Opening soon. A new-age smart cinema experience. A mini multiplex with two screens of 130 seats each. Located at the Vijayawada bus station with latest and popular movies screened times for both the travelers arriving or departing the city and for the local city dwellers.

yakut mahal

Yakut Mahal, a 80 year plus theatre built in late 1930s, still remains one of the most sought after theatre among the movie goers. Located in Yakutpura, the traditional part of the old city of Hyderabad, Telangana in India has a strong historic value. Retaining its old charm & quaint ambience, the theatre has been renovated by Kauphy Talkies providing the audience with an enhanced movie viewing experience on par with modern theatres.

sai ram theatre

A single screen cinema with a grand two floor auditorium, opened in 1980s then called Sathyam Namme, Sai Ram theatre is now one of the few genuinely modernized single screen movie houses in Khammam. The foyer is a compact but welcoming place to find food & drinks before your movie. The theatre mostly shows popular Hindi as well as English films, with a healthy sprinkling of classics and good collection of films for kids.